As Temperatures Rise

Debbie Harry | Photographer: Chris Stein

This is how I have felt all day and what I have grappled with most of the summer; how to look good and keep your composure while making your way through the city during a heat wave.  There is no escaping the heat and the fury today. I feel it in my hair, on my face, in my shoes, and pulsating in my head.

What do you wear, especially if you work in an environment with little to no air conditioning, walk, or take the transit? How do you pull off an outfit that is work or publically appropriate when temperatures rise up to 42 Celsius or 107 Fahrenheit with humidity? I need some advice, because I have been alternating between very few outfits, as usually summers have not been so painful.  I live in a climate where winter and fall attire are the investment necessity, summer outfits (except for shoes and bags, and the odd tank or dress) tend to be an after thought.

How can I look as fabulous and composed as Debbie Harry and still endure the heat in the city?