Magnetic Beauty

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I suppose it was just a matter of time before the beauty industry would jump on the band wagon and begin incorporating magnetic therapy into their products. Magnets have been used in medical practices for thousands of years, from healing bone fractures to easing arthritic pain. The buzz these days has been around the force behind the magnets anti-aging properties. Yet another opportunity to potentially drink from the fountain of youth.

The use of magnetic masks has proven to aid in a natural skin rejuvenation. It's main target is fine lines and elasticity of skin. The masks themselves contain metal particles such as iron and oxide. It is essentially the same two step process as with any other mask, however, the difference is in the removal.  This mask is then lifted off of the face with an actual magnet, allowing the toxins to be  drawn out in a deeper cleanse, leaving behind a radiance that continues to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover. The added benefit is that the minerals themselves have deeply penetrated through the skin enabling them to continue to treat the skin for a duration of time.

I am curious and interested in not only the immediate but also in the prolonged results. It brings the mineral rich mud baths from the greater parts of the world  right to your door step in two easy steps with hopefully the same lasting results. -tM

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