Art Shmart

Artist: Marc Dennis | Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Viewers Gazing at Famous Art

What is art for? I am sure many of us have wondered, and some of us may even know the answers even if we cannot vocalize them. It is a visceral and moving experience at the best of times and then there are the other times when it makes us so uncomfortable we cannot wait to escape the experience. In essence, no matter which way you look at look at it, it provides food for the soul and thought.

  • It keeps us hopeful. We often look toward its beauty. It saves us if only momentarily  from the harsh realities of the world we live in. Beauty is an emblem for hope.
  • It relieves loneliness. We can relate to art and its normalcy of pain. It makes the pain inside all of us more publically visible. Allowing us to connect collectively to the human condition.
  • It rebalances us. When we are moved by a piece of art perhaps we are drawn to its certain  qualities that we are in need of in our lives, whether that be serenity, tenderness, strength, or even pain and drama that we have had to stifle in our lives for various reasons.
  • It makes us appreciate the mundane.  The value of grass, oranges, and the sky are glamourized in art.  Art highlights what is generally worth appreciating.
  • It energizes you. It inspires you to be or experience something new in life.

This is just the short of it all.  I am certain there is much more to art that obviously cannot be put into words, and those are the reasons that propel us toward it time and time again. It repairs our souls.  -tM

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain." -Unknown