A Cut Above the Rest

Photography: Unknown | Roland Mouret Dress

I have followed Roland Mouret's career since the early-mid 2000's. I think he cuts to the woman's body and curves like no other designer.

I like his explanation below on how he sculpts his visions into works of living art, I love the grass roots approach:

"Mouret’s artful cuts are rooted in the decisive—if far less glamorous—slicing practiced by his late father, who worked as a butcher in Lourdes, France. “I sculpt the fabric straight from the body as my father, with his dexterity, worked the meat,” explained the designer, 55, during a recent visit to The Apartment by The Line in Los Angeles. “I learned from my dad not to be frightened and to go for it—to cut.” The butcher shop also provided an early education in strategic folding. He recalls watching his father adjust his apron throughout the day so as to conceal burgeoning blood stains and reveal clean expanses of white linen." (taken from The Line)

I think that is a good lesson and approach to many things in life: Never to be frightened and to just go for it. I like it, in art and in life. -tM