Courage My Love

Photography: tM

The Lion is a well understood universal symbol for courage,  protection, and royalty. In our culture, courage is generally associated with an extroverted action or behaviour. Although it may often show its face in such a way, I believe that our North American society needs to place equal emphasis on silent bravery; what I mean by that is,  the courage that as a human race we collectively put forth and into motion on a daily basis.

Courage is defined as: the ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief. But what the definition fails to mention or delve into (as of course many do, as they are only general definitions, and we as humans are so much more complicated then our definitions) is that courage is also vulnerability.  In our culture vulnerability is perceived as being a weakness, I am not certain why, perhaps it is because it was originally associated with the female sex. In other cultures to be vulnerable is to be humble and strong. To be vulnerable to is to also be open to the world, to life, to love, to pure light and energy that breaks down the walls that hinder one from growth in all forms. In my opinion it is far removed from the familiar dictionary definition of: a state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked, either physically or emotionally.

There is strength in not just the face of pain or grief but also in  moving through our days when it is incredibly difficult to even move through our thoughts. On some occasions courage shows its face in the shape of mundane routines such as,  getting out of bed, or out the door to become part of that particular days illustration. It is being able to face another day despite the labours of the night. Each and every single one of us are our own hero's. This is why it is important to speak to new generations about this kind of courage. It is not just about standing up for your rights, holding a gun on a battle field, running into a burning building to save a life, screaming into a microphone about your political beliefs, it is about the everyday silent courage it takes to live.  

Now that is courage, my love. -tM