Photography: tM

Ahhhhh, birthday's. When it comes to their own, everyone approaches this day in a very personal way.

I know friends and family who love the party, who bathe and take in all of the attention and all of the gifts as if they were Jesus himself, no judgement, just observation. Then there is the other extreme, those that don't even want the day acknowledged let alone celebrated in any miniscule of ways. Most of us, however, fall somewhere in between.

I personally have always been reflective on my birthdays. I think that they are very important days by way of the universe. It is the day that the universe thought it important that you and your soul were born into this world, changing the energy and live/paths of those around you and others that in turn you will impact one day. 

I reflect on the beauty of a life being lived that is in perpetual creation and evolvement. The stories, the intentions, the love, and even the difficult parts are important to recognize when getting ready to blow out those candles, because it is the sum of all your parts.

I was born into this world as a blizzard came roaring through, and from what I can remember there has never been a birthday without some form of snowy precipitation.  I feel like it is the universe's way of winking at me silently and saying "hey, happy birthday down there kid."

So there it is, this is what birth-days mean to me, because through being here in kindness, in love, and in evolve, there are so many miracles and gifts that each of us give to one another in presence and in mind.

So here is wishing that with each birthday we all level up and continue to progress and build with love and kindness each step of the way. -tM