A Matter of Truth

Photography: tM

Why oh why is it so difficult to say what we are truly feeling? We are so against censorship of the media, books, art, and so keen on being heard and having a voice, yet when it comes to personal matters and those of the heart we don't approach them with much of  the same conviction or courage. Why are our feelings an after thought? When did it become undesirable to be truthful to ourselves and to others?

I know all of the obvious arguments which I am not going to broach at the moment, however I would like us to really think about what benefits holding our feelings and thoughts at bay does to our wellbeing and how it continues to breed and contribute to a counterfeit culture.

What happened to being real? Our reality isn't even actuality anymore. And when is it acceptable to be truthful in this manufactured world of ours?

All I know is, and maybe it comes with age, but the risks of being authentic to myself and to others is more important to me then it ever was. I yearn for the beauty of honesty even if it can be ugly, hurtful, or uncomfortable, the beauty lays in the knowing and being able to move forward in cases such as those. Imagine all of the freedom and paths that may be revealed proceeding that/those moment(s) of candour.

My hope for us all, is that we allow our heart to speak for us more often,  that we filter and censor less when it comes to matters that are truly important to us. Yes, it requires some courage, this is not the "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock;” the rewards are great.

It is time to slowly move away from  those moments of "I wanted to tell you one thing but instead said another, " if only for the love of oneself. Let's not fake our way through life any more then need be, authenticity is powerful and magnetic, let's embrace who we truthfully are. -tM