Sunshine, It's Simply a State of Mood

Artist: Joseph Albers, The Study of Homage to the Square, 1961

Did you know that our faith in ourselves, is inextricably linked to the number of photons of light in the sky and the atmospheric temperature. Heat, warmth, and sunshine, all play a critical and important role in encouraging us not to give up on things.

Beautiful weather and pretty skies release people from the burdens and sorrow of life, we forget, if only momentarily about war, disease, political unrest, and poverty. Sunshine, warm weather, blossoming flowers, children running through the park in laughter and delight are critical symbols of hope and in turn inspire us not to give up on life, as it is full of these promising and celebratory moments.

Sunny days bring with them a renewed faith and hope to our familiar problems and bring with them there own particular wisdom.

It is medicine that only the sunshine can provide; simple and necessary. -tM