Love is in the Hair

Photography: tM | Habana, Cuba

There are so many layers to this photograph, just as there are to the relationships made in barbershops. It is a place of camaraderie, a fraternity among men and young alike who talk about life, sports, women, relationships; where advice is given and trust is earned (much like the straight razor shave).

It is a place where generational gaps are celebrated and respected. Sitting in the barber chair is a right of passage for a little boy, as you get your first "manly" haircut. It is an initiation into a place where they will learn etiquette, respect, the facts of life, and the meaning of true brotherhood.

The oldest barbershop known to this date just closed a few years ago in Italy. It was incredibly beautiful on the outside and remained untouched on the inside.

I know that there is a trend toward modern "day"  barbershop grooming as of lately, as hipsters tend to their beards, and the shops sparkle and shine in a new vintage-kind of way, which is fine, however, the old school shops where the barber is sans trend or tattoo's are quietly disappearing.

I guess at the end of the day, it is my nostalgia talking, and well, things tend and have to change, I just hope that boys everywhere will find a new place to move through that rite of passage and continue to grow  with the same sense of community elsewhere. -tM