Photography: Christina Garcia | Wedding, 1991. Spain

Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove. Love and marriage are a cultural invention and we are still not at the end of its evolution.

We are still learning what it means to be more successful at love.

I believe that as divorce rates rise and self importance has made its way centre stage that the future hope for love rests in the notion of sacrifice: accepting that we will not get everything we want from love, marriage, or relationships. It is my personal belief that our ambitious over reach to place great expectations on our partner has contributed greatly to the cessation of relationships in general. How does one unite sex, affection, raising a family, friendship, a career, material security, and anticipate that one single solitary person will fulfill all of the above needs?

Often times it is most necessary to look outside of the marriage for some of the above. It seems that in our society great love comes with great expectations, but what about allowing great love a little room for ambivalence? Permitting ourselves to think that something is quite good even though there are day to day flaws may be paramount for loves sake.

Occasionally it is about choosing to look beyond the imperfections. -tM