Photography: Bruce Davidson | NYC, 1980's

Nostalgia sets in when I look at this photograph. It reminds me of simpler days, probably because I was a lot younger and was fortunate enough not to have had the knowledge or forethought of what the future may bring.

When you are young, you dwell in the "what might be," you are not acutely aware of the present, or the past, the future is where you exist. You are always looking forward. That is the beauty of youth. There is so much life in that hope.

As you progress in age you become nostalgic, more philosophical about existence, and even the commute home becomes a place where you observe faces, hands, mannerisms; reflective moments find there way into even the mundane moments in ones life.

I always go back to a poignant moment in my life when riding the subway between these two particular stops. It was something I gave no thought to many years ago, and now it has become a place I visit Monday-Friday.

Even in the remembrance and the philosophical meanderings there is now presence of mind. It is no wonder that as time passes the more beautiful life becomes.  -tM

"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been."             -David Bowie

(only if you continue to evolve, grow from the lessons, and continue to work on yourself, then yes,  I totally agree with Mr. Bowie).