Photography: tM

"New" is a word that can illicit many emotions and impressions. Ultimately it points to something that did not exist before or if it did it has yet to be seen or experienced by you; a discovery; and if you are fortunate enough it may even translate to a first encounter.

I am surrounded by some kind of new each and every single day. I think if we were to all pay attention to what we think have become routine and mundane days of existence we would realize that something as trivial (or not) as a change in point of view brings discovery into our life. Situated among the familiar are new beginnings, discoveries of self, learning alternative ways to cope or survive, regeneration, new laughter, new focus, new day, new intentions, new results, and of course the important firsts, those golden moments that are the hardest to hold.

It is always comforting to know that the new is surrounded by and in the company of the old, it is an artful balance. Trust in its chemistry. -tM

"The best is yet to be." -Robert Browning