The Self-Importance Portrait(s)

Photography: tM

Photography: tM

Has the selfie taken the place of the self-portrait? Up until now the self portrait has only applied to the artist, created by the artist.

It would attempt to capture the essence of the artist through use of allegory, fact, or reality meets surrealism revealing the artists self truths.  Many also painted their distorted reflections in mirrors, some focused being true to the time and world they lived in, while others like Picasso choose to exaggerate the size of his eyes, turning the tables on the viewer; reminding us that it is he who does the looking not us.

Today, everyone is "famous." The self importance of a selfie reveals as much to the viewer as a self portrait would. I believe there is more thought put into the angle, positioning, light, make-up, hand gesture, stance etc. in a selfie then most would like to admit. It is the modern day ego indulgent version of the self portrait of the artist as a(n) _____________________. You fill in the blank.

So tell me, what would your self(ie) portrait reveal about you? Remember, a picture really is worth a 1000 words, and sometimes even more. -tM