Photography: tM | Layers

With everything and everyone there is often more then meets the eye. Take this photograph for instance. It is full of layers, some you are able to see, others I have chosen not to show you.

The sunlight has cast a shadow of the tree, the shadow is reflected on the iron bars, which sit on a brick wall belonging to the library that houses thousands of books. And that is just its physical skin.

You see, the depth of perception is always there, it is whether or not we want to connect to it. Whether or not we want to truly see. Sometimes with people it is easier to not look below the surface, especially when it serves us better.

The older I get, the more time I take to listen to people's stories, understanding their depth has become increasingly important to me. So many of us have gone through heartbreak of an incredible kind. These personal stories and journey's are our connectors revealing the layers to our souls.

Ultimately by peeling back the layers (especially when it comes to your own), you will find stillness. And in that stillness you will find the truth of who and what you are. -tM