La La Love You

Ah, the song is sweet, "Lalalala love me, pretty baby." -Pixies, but the burn can be painful and sometimes even disfiguring. Mr. Cohen also once wrote that "Love was the world's excuse for being ugly." I think some people become bitter and never recover from love's loss or heartbreak. But more often times then not I believe that the promise of love (whether one will admit to it or not) moves life forward. I don't believe that anyone ever gives up on it no matter what they admit to.

Whether it be for the love of God, our children, our mothers and fathers, our lovers, our earth and all the life that moves through and churns within its guts and at its core, there is nothing more significant then the lessons it teaches us about what it means to be human. -tM

"A heavy burden lifted from my soul, I heard that love was out of my control." Leonard Cohen