Photography: tM | Little Portugal

Do you believe in coincidences and free will or are an avid believer of every story already being written and carried forward within us?

Intrinsically, I am a complete romantic right to the core of my soul and am thus even more so inclined to believe that everything is connected. It is my personal belief that no matter how minute the action may be, it will in turn set of numerous different reactions that will vibrate and move things accordingly. I have been witness to too many miracles to no longer pay attention to signs.

Goose pimples never lie, the body knows the answers. Sometimes we just need to quiet our already busy minds in order to give our intuition a voice and pay attention to the outward indications.

I know there are various people in my life who would disagree with me but there is something incredibly spiritually grounding in knowing that everything is happening as it should, even the lessons seem nobler, as I am even grateful for each obstacle (maybe not in the moment of it all, but I know that in this lifetime these lessons in particular are meant for me to grow).

The older I get the more spiritual I become. Mysticism and synchronicity are culturally part of where my people come from and who I am. Often times the roots run deep. -tM

"Well look who I ran into, crowded Coincidence." "Please," flirted Fate, "this was meant to be."