A Place of Cool

Photography: tM | Port Antonio, Jamaica

Photography: tM | Port Antonio, Jamaica

The place of cool. That was my dad's shop. It wasn't just a place of business but also a place of gatherings. This photograph reminded me of just that.  Friday nights, and Saturday mornings, his small shop in the hood,  turned locale, openly became a place where friends would assemble,  talk politics, life, and women. It became their version of the lounge about town, immigrants welcome, no VIP status required.

The tunes were always spinning, the air was full of smoke, and the coffee was the elixir of choice.

It was definitely no meeting of the minds, but it was a place where everyone knew your name and welcomed your voice, well, until they didn't. People were shoved out just like in any good lounge and told never to come back if they overstepped certain boundaries.

It was an easy like Sunday morning kind of a vibe until it wasn't.

I feel like places and gatherings like that in our society are very far and few between these days as are small businesses.

The photograph is a reminder of simpler days. Nostalgia always has a way of slipping in. -tM