Love Letters

Ahhh, the almost forgotten and long gone romantic gesture of the art of writing; the love letter.

As everything else in our world changes and evolves the loss of what once was is inevitable.

I suppose distances are no longer an issue with all the modes of communication available to us. We can whip off a love email, or text, in matter of minutes. Love letters came to evolve over distances, as soldier's went off to war, there was no other way of professing the longing, desire, and love they had for those they left behind.

Great letters brought about by great loves.

I suppose that is why I am a sucker for anything written by hand, you need to make room and time to sit down, to think about what you mean to express. There is no such thing as a delete button when writing by hand. It is a completely different kind of engagement and process, both physically and mentally.

I still have all of my love letters, neatly tied and scattered throughout the pages of some of my favourite books, only to be discovered when the book is uncovered once again.

How about you, where do you keep your old love letters? -tM