The Ebb and Flow

Dear Love,

You are an incredible magnetic force, a potent chemical reaction, with wings that ignite the imagination. A physical necessity, you spiritually and carnally break barriers and bring down walls through the bonds you are responsible for creating. You sometimes enter a room fashionably late, blinded by desire and sacrifice, nothing seems too difficult for you moving forward. You elevate and are capable of changing the vibration of the entire world. Often times I think we don't realize your fortitude. It is that very courage that viscerally ascends one into your light and beckons them to stay for as long as they are open to the possibilities.

The progression toward and the recession from the words, those three words, throughout history have given people a reason for living and/or dying by the sword. Continuously proven to be the force behind all creation, you are the closest to God we will ever get in this lifetime.

Love, even in the study of all of your cracks and wrinkles you have never looked more beautiful.

Love, you belong to all of us, in all form and measurement you are the thing that is worth living for.

Forever Yours,