Survival of the Fittest

Artist: Christie Lau | Replicator I

Social networks and plant species trying to conquer the literal jungle and mental zoo of our social constructs. That is what this piece is looking to bridge.

I bought this piece several years ago with some money left for me for my wedding day by my adoptive grandmother who had passed over 20 years ago. It reminded me of her jungle garden I used to play in as a chubby legged child.  Every time I pause to admire it, I am reminded of her strength, grace, and survival, as an immigrant in this strange and foreign landscape of ours. This piece reinforces her beautifully wild existence, and how her love made me stronger. Even though the artist's statement about this piece reads as is below, and is important to note, the beauty of this piece lays in the sentiment of the gift left behind and for her fiercely inspiring life. -tM

Artist's Statement:

This series deals with the parallels between ideas travelling through social networks and plant-species conquering the jungle. Just as plants compete for soil and sun, ideas compete for mental energy. Humans allow fads to bloom, exhaust their mental energy and then wither. Some revolutionary ideas can survive in the most inhospitable conditions. These families creep, sew, poison and strangle their more docile rivals seeking to expand their territory. Profound in purpose and elegant in rendering, Lau’s “Replicator” works unite humanity with their humblest biological roots.