Urban Fonts

Photography: tM

I have always appreciated fonts, whether it be of signage, graffiti, packaging, electronic typeface, I am drawn to all. Truthfully, there have been times where I have avoided a store entirely based on font and signage, restaurants as well, and then there are other times that I have been charmed into entering a location due to a thoughtful choice of signage font.

Fonts aid in our visual connection to words, and sometimes in the idea of a person, especially through font choice on a resume. There is an entire documentary on just that and the power of the Helvetica font.

Old signage used to take more care in such choices. I miss that care. Much like our fashion market everything is starting to look the same, as these mass chains, stores, and restaurant's saturate our urban landscape. That is why I pay extra attention when travelling, especially while in Europe, their signage and many shops still belong to small business owners and prove to be beautifully unique.

So when I saw this wall standing before me I was reminded of all the possibilities a writing style has of changing the way one feels about so many things, actually. It is emotive, and it can essentially turn us on or off. Sometimes it really is just as simple and as complicated as that. -tM