New Heights

Photography: Condé Nast Traveller

Sometimes even though you are physically sitting in the same place, perspectives and points of views change, you don't need to be sitting a top of an elephant to experience a new outlook.

Then there are other times where you could be sitting a top of a mountain having hiked it all on your own and nothing at all has changed. I thank G_d that I have had the where with all and intelligence to learn from most of my obstacles, mistakes,  and experiences given to me in this life. They have continually cleared paths for me, universally, spiritually, and mindfully.

And despite the rough terrain from time to time, there have been many people that I have met and will continue to meet on my journey that have made this life and its lessons that much more beautiful. -tM

p.s. most of my life changing moments and shifts in perspective have happened right here, in my living room.