Narrative Depth

Photography: Helmut Newton | Nice, 1984

I can relate to this photograph on many levels. Helmut Newton's photography is less polished, he is always leaving room for imperfection. The gap between the camera and the subject takes on a sense of reality even if it is an alternate reality, as he has removed the glossy barrier of the voyeuristic experience. As an observer we can place ourselves in the very idea of that moment.

I love the notion of freedom and nostalgia that this photograph conveys to me. There is a letting go that perhaps doesn't happen on a daily basis, the detail and contrasts of her neck, adorned in layers of pearls juxtaposed with her semi-nude figure, accentuate that concept even more so.

There is something great and understated about this piece. I think we could all learn a thing or two about letting go of the idealized perfections of life in order to allow the lessons and the joys of the imperfections the opportunity to prosper. It is within that space that life is allowed to truly grow and progress.

And yes, I got all of this from a photograph. -tM