Parts of a Whole

Photography: Luigi Ghirri | Napoli, 1980

Photography: Luigi Ghirri | Napoli, 1980

I have always been drawn to parts of a whole, in both sculptural art and photography. I like it because of its selective beauty, despite the fact that often times it may have been a direct result of loss or ruin.

Someone once told me that I needed to take a good look at myself as a result of this appreciation I held for these sculptural delights. That perhaps I was drawn to these pieces because I was lacking something within myself. I began to wonder whether this went beyond the aesthetic harmony of structure and form and that perhaps intrinsically I was drawn to these pieces because that is how I viewed myself in relation to the world. Deep. I know.

After some thought I realized that he had missed the mark on this one, at least in relation to me. I revel in the beauty of what remains, in the strength and power that these pieces still exude. Sometimes focusing on the part can bring greater understanding to the whole, and truth to its form. Nothing is perfect, and beauty itself is a variable. I admire how these parts that were once complete but now apart, stand as a whole on their own. There is great metaphor there in relation to life, don't you think?

Mystery aside, admiring parts of a whole may not be reflective of ones personal life, but instead could be a contemplative appreciation of history, life, movement, beauty, and strength. In my opinion it is not about lacking of the self but about the unity and understanding of humanity.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you also find this type of art intriguing? Tell me. -tM