Private Views

The lines have blurred and perhaps even disappeared, well at least in my opinion. What was once for private consumption has now been made public, and what was for public consumption is now well also public. What ever happened to private views (both literally and figuratively speaking)?

There has been a shift not only in society but also in our psyche. We have lost the ability to privately connect. We can post things on Instagram, expose ourselves on Facebook and on YouTube yet have no idea what it means to intimately even share a moment with another individual, face to face, privately, and in a personal space.

Public consumption of private moments has become a pornographic epidemic, and I am not just speaking of the eroticism and objectification of the body, but also of our thoughts and of our mind. Everything is open for discussion, which on one hand can be great and liberating, and make us feel like we are not alone, yet on the other hand, what happens when our private fantasies, desires, and thoughts become desensitized through means of social media so much so that we don't even know how to behave or connect to another being privately? Is exposing ourselves so blatantly on social media and living publically in the privacy of our own homes on a public forum affecting our ability to connect face to face?

Whether we are swiping faces on tinder, taking our clothes off on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, not only has the private surrendered to the collective,  but then so has erotic desire relinquished its sexy prowess to nothing short of buying a slurpee at the local gas and sip.

At the end of the day, people will engage in whatever makes them feel comfortable, and voyeurism can be sexy and inviting, but that only exists if there is something left to the act of privacy itself.  I am just concerned about our ability to continue to forge a connection not only to ourselves but also to others.

I guess the mass populace is just following suit of those that lead. Private views, and for your eyes, and thoughts only, may be eventually end up just being an old adage afterall. -tM

Photography: Guy Bourdin