Photography: Unknown | Le Chateau de Castille Gardens

So everyone has a what they are looking for in a partner (gf/bf) list right? An actual physical one or a mental one that we carry with us all of the time, n'est-ce pas?

Sometimes dating can be overwhelming, and well, feel much like the maze pictured above, as we try to navigate through the world of love, one-night stands, games, and infatuations.

This is where a list comes in handy,  because that way you can always keep on point of what you will or will not tolerate. A physical one is best, but a mental one will do also if you are capable of remembering your 10. I had a list of 10 things I had written down while actively dating that I would make reference to.  My potential partner didn't have to check off all 10 but a good 7 out of 10 would suffice. It was a good way to remember what I was looking for in a mate amidst the flurry of emotions that take over during the first months of seeing someone.

So now, here I am much older and thinking about ways that my potential partner could amaze me. Not in the abracadabra way, but in a way that will show me that they are relationship and time worthy.

So here is my A-Maze-Me List:

1. Honesty (I need them to be honest with themselves first and foremost, and then with me. Because if you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with others. At least that is my observation and theory).

2. Spiritual (yes, they need to be connected to something other then what we see before us).

3. Be Willing to Grow (learning from life's lessons and working on oneself as they continue to grow is really quite important to me at this point in my life).

4. Employed

5. Kind (I associate kindness toward others  with understanding and compassion toward humanity, it is also a positive way to move through the world).

6. Cultured (someone who is open to being a life long learner, and also appreciative of the arts and intellectual achievements).

7. Independent (I need a partner who is willing to give both of us space when need be and also have their own hobbies and interests that they will engage in).

8. No substance abuse/addictions.

9. Goal oriented (they need to continuously set goals for themselves, they can be significant and lofty ones, or they can be easily achieved ones).

10. Loving (and last but not least, loving, and adoring, someone who will treat with respect and appreciation).

These are in no particular order of course. There are a few I could let slide,  or one a few more can be abbreviated if others are met, however they are all important.

So there you have it, my A-amaze-me, don't play games list.

How about you? Do you/did you have a list? What is/was on it? -tM