Market to Market to Market

The Mexican

market bag. Colourful, beautiful, practical and can be folded into a quarter of its size to fit neatly into your tote/purse/suitcase if travelling to be used as an easy breezy beach bag.

The French

market bag. Simple and chic, there are many variations on these. This woven beauty takes the place of your own purse and becomes a way of moving through the landscape of summer, in Provence, or through a city weekend market. Beach chic is also an option if you are local and not needing to fold and stow away in a suitcase.

The 70's American

macramé market bag, is useful in a climate that is always warm and sunny. Whenever I see these I specifically think of California markets and days that run into nights. Practical in size and space I find these are not as sturdy as the Mexican and the French market bags, but for a light shop and a romp around town and for that impromptu stop over at the beach they do the trick.