Summer in the City Survival Guide

Meet me on the rooftop.

There is no place to go but up when the heat rises in the city. Here are a few of my summer in the city survival tips:

1. Finding a rooftop and pool for heat and street crowd relief.

2. Finding clothes the keep you cool but don't make you look like you have lost your way coming back from the beach or that make you look like you have recently taken up a "new" profession.

3. Steer clear of weekend crowds coming in from the burbs as tourists.

4. Find your go to restaurant/watering hole, make it your home away from home quick getaway.

5. Try to get out of the city on those weekends when tourists over take the streets and head up north for some skinny dipping lake time.

6. Park time is a MUST, you need relief from the concrete heat and the feet need to connect to mother earth.

7. Step away from the car and the traffic and WALK; WALK like you have never walked before. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

8. Enjoy the heat, we have been waiting for it all year, let the sun set on your vitamin D deficient skin, and take it nice and slow.

9. Let go, let go, let go...

Photography: George Steinmetz | Mercer Pool, NYC Summer Afternoon