Conch Feng Shui

The Conch Shell

has been shaped by the ocean and has come to be known not only for its asesthetic beauty in feng shui but also for the following benefits:

1. Placing a 7-8 inch smooth conch shell in the kitchen will create energy which is harmonious and family oriented.

2. Keeping a spiny conch shell on the windowsill will attract energy to protect the home from harm.

3. Placing a conch shell in the southwest area of the bedroom helps long distance relationships and prevents them from being apart for long periods of time.

4. A conch placed in the couples bedroom is also supposed to protect against infidelity.

5. Placing a conch shell in the northwest side of your child's bedroom for success in studies.

6. Carrying a conch shell during travel is believed to keep one safe during the journey.

7. In Tibetan Buddhism the conch shell is used to store 'holy water' and as a 'musical instrument.'

*Shells represent protection like a cover. The spinier the shell, the more protection it provides, the smoother it is, the more comfort and peace it brings to the home and its occupants.

The conch has been revered for centuries, place them in proper areas to make use of there power and strength. -tM

Photography: Unknown