Anthropological Ponderings

"Being an old school romantic in a hookup culture is a special kind of hell."

Are hook-ups just a natural result of our culture being true to our evolutionary and primal roots?

I am not certain whether this is going to be our demise, a way to propagate our species ensuring our survival, responsibility, and hands free, or just another free love movement 2.0 style. Live in the moment, instant gratification, self-fulfillment, call it what you will, culturally, we are starved for romance.

Albeit romantic love is nothing but a Hollywood notion, there is something to be said about the construction upon which romance rests its desirable wings. There are building blocks and challenges that make the wooing process exciting, challenging, and enticing. There is effort put into romance, it is not just a throw down, a simple text to meet in the restroom for a quickie. Fast food, fast f*$#, we have become a culture that waits for nothing and no one. 

So even though my generation is somewhat removed from this hook-up culture, I still don't know whether we are just being more true to our nomad primal selves or whether this is an emotional void propagated by social media and in turn will lead to more emotional isolation.

Thoughts? -tM

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