Stopping By

Communist architecture tells a story.

A story of conformity, strict instruction, straight lines, and power. It was also very part of a new world in modern design. The lines are clean, the design intimidatingly symbolic of a time when no one or nothing was supposed to stand out in any obvious way. It is reflective of the ideologies and values of the time, as all architecture is. Architecture tells a visual story of  a countries history, its hopes, its dreams, as well as its oppression.

You know when you have stepped into a former communist country just by looking at its bus shelter design. Ultimately and at first glace the shelters appear to be minimalistic, heavy set, and practical in design, yet there is something beautifully light and freeing in its expansive reach for the sky, leaving the complications and intricacies of life behind. Perhaps the design itself and its obvious yet underlying message subliminally falls right in line with Communist Theory.

Either way, they are beautiful remains of the past. Every building, or structure tells a story; in short architecture really is the mirror of life. -tM

Photography: Christopher Hewig