Energies and Eclipses

Finally some recognition!

The moon always takes a back seat to the sun, however one is just as important as the other. The difference is one works behind the scenes while the other takes centre stage.

This full lunar eclipse is a big one. It was/still is an important one to the first nations community as well. It is known as the sturgeon moon, for during this full moon the sturgeon always run plentiful.

Eclipses may bring about many changes universally, astrologically, and personally. Remember we are made up of 93% stardust mass (yes, look it up, it is physics and many studies have been conducted).

This particular eclipse is all about self-awareness, cleaning house, feeling the sadness, working through it, and letting it go. It is giving us the prime opportunity to leave certain life pains behind us once and for all, moving forward.

It is inspiring really, especially when the feminine energy of the moon brings about strong healing. May we all benefit from the ease of this August's full moon. -tM

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Photography: Montreal in Pictures