Looking Forward

Photography: Helmut Newton | Pool Boy

Photography: Helmut Newton | Pool Boy

This is the time of year,

that I turn by back on the year that was. You see, September is the beginning of my new year, and the end of August is when I reflect on the years events and affairs. Yes, there are "plans" for the year ahead and insights will be carried over from the last, but most significantly this new year is about freeing my mind, and in turn my body, with the soul, being at the centre of the entire initiative.

September is always filled with adjustments, there is a palpable shift that comes with the change of seasons, and or routine.

As maudlin as I can be about seeing the summer take a step back I am also as equally inspired by autumns ability to effortlessly let go of what is no longer needed. The seasons are full of lessons, and so is every new year.

Happy New Beginnings. -tM