A Fine Balance

Photography: Robert Polidori | Habana, Cuba

Photography: Robert Polidori | Habana, Cuba

Sometimes I think it is better to grow up with less. Philosophically, I truly believe that the less is more approach to life, decor, dress, and expectation is the way to be.

There are many strength building gifts that you acquire when having less. Your expectations of life change. If everything is handed to you, every opportunity presented on a platter for choosing, how grand do your expectations become and how large are the disappointments. There are so many consequences to such possibilities. 

Long gone are the days of the middle class, where the lessons of living life with "less" was integral to having a balance in life and in society, where people would hold one another accountable, and there was the awareness of what it meant to work hard, to care for one another, all the while reinforcing the cheques and balances of society.

It is an interesting shift and struggle to note, especially when witnessing the expectations of life through today's youth. -tM