Coffee Rituals

Lomi Coffee Paris.jpg

Photography: Lomi Coffee, Paris

A ritual that has evolved around the world and one that is still perhaps a rite of passage in some cultures marking the rite from childhood to adulthood in which there is a hesitation and procrastination in approaching the coffee table, as it translates into sharing moments with the elders in communion.

If we look at the the origins of coffee (Ethiopia) and the rituals around the ceremony (which many cultures still celebrate), one quickly realizes that drinking coffee was mostly observed on special occasions. There was a ritual from beginning to end, from preparation to consumption, they were mindful moments shared with the community/guests.

I think that is why so many other countries around the world hesitate to have it become part of the "to go" culture, because the "coffee break" is really still seen as a moment taken for oneself, privately or collectively.

There is something incredibly humbling and grounding about coffee rituals.

So tell me, how do you take your coffee? -tM