The Continuum of Lines

Artist: Bernard Buffet | Place des Vosges, 1956

Artist: Bernard Buffet | Place des Vosges, 1956

Lines make my world go round. Angles, parallel lines, straight lines, perpendicular ones, circular sprawling lines that bend to your need; by nature they are sexy and uninhibited, by design they can be as rigid as you choose to make them.

I used to have a boyfriend who penned a poem about me entitled “She’s all About Straight Lines” it was an ongoing joke between us because I am mostly someone who follows the rules even though I have always lived my life on my own terms. In saying that, there really is no straight line to progress, life itself doesn’t move that way, and neither does any great conversation.

However, in architecture and in design, the “simplistic” precision of a straight line is something of a marvel, it is my idea of the perfectionist’s paradise, it is sophisticated in its appearance and strong in its supportive role.

And much like Nietzsche, my idea of paradise is also a straight line to a goal, for sometimes a moment without any added challenge is a line that moves me to great satisfaction. -tM