The Prophet

The Prophet

Want some life-saving advice? Never ride the metro...

Like a frenzied end-of-days preacher trying to save the lungs—if not the souls—of the commuters he meets, a lone Czech man has made it his mission to warn people about Prague’s polluted metro system. 

“Nowadays hidden corners of the internet skew facts, science and ideology”

Czech filmmaker Jaroslav Moravec directs this satirical allegory on how sensationalist data can sow the seeds of paranoia in the population. “Post-truth seemed like a distant Orwellian term when I first heard it,” says Moravec, who was partly inspired by the Soviet rule of Czechoslovakia during the 70s and 80s. "Nowadays hidden corners of the internet skew facts, science and ideology.”

Growing up in the suburbs of Prague, Moravec has always been fascinated by the lines that separate the real from the abstract, giving his work a distinctive look. Whether it’s his subversive humor or delicate sense for building atmosphere, Moravec creates a self-contained universe for projects that range from surreal shorts to humorous commercials.

This made me laugh. Preach. -tM