Tales from the Work Place

Today, in the presence of two male colleagues a discussion was being had about an issue that was affecting the work environment. In the end I was taken a back at what was conveyed:

Male No. 1: “Yes, well, now that women have been given more of a voice, they just don’t shut up, and feel like they can say anything.”

Male No. 2: Yes, well, this is happening because men are being emasculated by women, and they are angry, so this has has resulted in the clash of the sexes.”

Me: Dumbfounded, and disappointed, responded as such: ” Well, men have been saying whatever they want for centuries.”

There is a divide that is looming, politically, sexually, and economically, it is like staring down the barrel of a gun. I just wish that we would all realize that we are in this together, and that male liberation, is so dependent on female liberation. Am I wrong? -tM

Photography: Herb Ritts | Sandra Bernhert