Escape in the City

exotic lands on the deck of a bustling city below Milan.jpg

I know that summer is a little far out of reach right now, but I am already thinking about how to create my summer retreat and escape on my city deck. Take the exotic escape above for instance, created beyond the hustle and bustle of the noisy streets of Milan on a roof top deck, one would never think that the location was as such.

Good foliage is key to shut out not only glances of nosy neighbours but it also aids in atmosphere (exotic trees, tropical plants, domestic nature retreat). I change my foliage almost every year depending on the vibe I want to create (having a deck and potted plants allows one to do so, there are pro’s and con’s to this as well). My furniture remains the same, however my accent pillows may change, I subtract or add depending on the season or mood of the season.

It’s an extension of my already not so big living space, so I also take inspiration from my indoor living space to ensure that the flow is continuous.

Can you tell I am longing for warmer days and longer nights? -tM