Affairs of the Underground


Photography: Andre Kertesz | La Fourchette, 1928

Photography: Andre Kertesz | La Fourchette, 1928

I have always found the sound of cutlery on a plate soothing. It probably has something to do with my childhood and the summers by the lake spent falling asleep under the shade of a tree while my parents had lunch in the distance.

As it so happens, today on the way home from work, eyes closed listening to the tracks in meditation, my thoughts were interrupted by the distinct sound of cutlery ever so gracefully scratching the surface of a ceramic plate. I immediately drifted into solitude, only to realize that the sound was both completely out of context and place. I listened intently, only to have it continue. There was no mistaking its intention.

In all actuality I didn’t search the cart for the elegant diner, however I did become distinctly aware of our vulnerability while in transit. We are neither here nor there, in transition, going from one place to another leaving us most open to such sensory experiences and to the breaking of boarders. A shared moment and space in transition is an interesting thing to observe and contemplate. And yes, I got here from there. Sometimes that’s just the way the mind works. -tM