Riding the Wave


Isn’t that always the way though?

When we least resist and get out of our own way, the rhythm of life naturally takes over.

It’s so important to stay connected to the self, and not lose touch. So tough I know, in the business of this world of ours. I read once that the “strongest position you can be in is surrender.” I have surrendered many a time, and truth be told, I have never felt more aligned with life. Surrendering isn’t a form of giving up for me, it is a way of giving way, of letting go, and letting things unfold as they will. It’s giving up the illusion of control. It’s a state of vulnerability that most, in our culture are not comfortable with.

By the way, perfect flow doesn’t mean that your are riding the wave of happiness to no end. There will be ebbs and flows that take you down as much as they raise you up, because, well, that’s life. But the key is letting it happen, and moving through it with the least amount of fight or resistance, so if necessary the mind, body, and soul, are able to process and heal accordingly. -tM