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Artist: Balthus | Thérese Dreaming, 1938

Artist: Balthus | Thérese Dreaming, 1938

I find this painting enchanting and restorative. I do not understand the controversy around this piece as being disturbing and offensive. There is nothing salacious about it in my view.

I understand all art is subjective and that we cast onto it our own personal gaze of experience, however, to have such a piece censored from show, points to a sad state of affairs in our creative world. Is our culture so terrified of sexually awakened girls, of the interior lives of youth, or perhaps it is ourselves that we fear the most?

All I know is that this painting reminds me of what it means to fall into oneself, to shut out the world in daydream.

So if museums need to warn people of arts content on plaques before entering, so be it, because she is too beautiful not to be seen up close and in person. -tM