Title or Creed?

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

I know many women who want to wear this “crown,” that refuse to be treated any less then the “Queen” they are in life and in relationships.

I will personally never understand this attitude of better than, of needing to be put up on a pedestal. In life I would hate the attention, not to mention that I really believe that as human beings no one is above or beneath anyone, no matter their position in life. Also, putting one on a pedestal can be a very dangerous thing, as even the slightest resemblance to being human with faults, may cause you to fall from grace and result in the dissolve and unravelling of that said relationship. I feel that in relationships NO ONE should be put on a pedestal, or given a title.

I am not adverse to some special treatment and I believe in giving the same in return, as this is your person, however, the idea of being put on a pedestal, met with certain expectations is an invitation for disaster, not to mention the pressure that comes along with fitting into that predetermined role.

Perhaps I am wrong, but being someone’s “King” of “Queen” doesn’t leave much room for personal growth or mistakes in my opinion. However, maybe I am reading too much into the actual title. And maybe it’s just the title that people crave, the feeling of being treated extra special, like a royal without any expectations to follow suit.

I could go on analyzing this need but I will stop here. Just some Saturday morning musings to get the blood flowing while the coffee is brewing. -tM