The Power of Connection

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

In these modern times, do you pray?

I have always prayed, even as a child. Nobody told me to, or even requested that I do, I don’t even know how I fell into prayer. I think maybe I just felt like I needed to be heard, but in private. I never really asked for anything, I remember always giving thanks, and being grateful for my loved ones. Now that I have respectfully grown older, I still pray and give thanks, but it happens throughout the day, rarely at bedtime. My requests have changed a little, but I still give thanks. I also meditate and connect to the universe in different ways. Prayer is such a sacred practice only for the reason that it is so deeply personal and is spoken in truth.

The importance of prayer lays in the connection I make with the universe and nature herself. It’s a way for me to feel that I am connected to everything, a devoted reminder that we all are.

I am not certain if prayer changes things, but the act of it most certainly changes us, and hopefully as a result we in turn become capable of changing things. -tM