An Ode to Yellow

A colour often synonymous with the free loving 60’s & 70’s, seems to have somewhat disappeared design wise. The above is a visual ode to the colour itself, used as an accent or in its entirety, yellow marries well with so many colours, and there are so many versions of it to fall in love with.

I remember a girlfriend (who is Irish herself) told me that if you see a house with a yellow painted door, you’d better believe that those residing inside are Irish. It’s a distinctive colour, that can be bold as much as it can be soft, however, anyway you look at it yellow means standing away from the crowd.

I think those who accept yellow into their lives through interior design or otherwise don’t take themselves too seriously.

It’s a statement, as are all colours, however this one not so subtle in its display. -tM

Photography: Unknown; Image No. 3 & 4 DIMORE Studio Design