A Purse-onal Affair

Oh the fascinations of digging through ones purse as a child were endless and also a major faux pas in my family. I was raised NEVER to go into my mothers purse, or anyone else’s for that matter without asking. I don’t know whether it was about the wallet and the money they feared I would steal or perhaps it was more about the privacy of the space which contained some of my mothers secrets, and the lessons of personal boundaries that followed.

I was recently reading an article that referred to handbags now a days as symbols that transmit messages about “taste, aspirations, and personality,” that they are to the most of us what cars are to those living in LA; they are private vessels, sealed off from the rest of the world that help carry you from Point A to B, containing the necessities you need for daily survival.

Photographer, Juergen Teller, believes that the purse is in fact a psycho-sexual object and likens the privacy intrusions into ones purse to almost feeling like a body violation; and if a high heel has a phallic connotation then why can’t the purse have a vaginal one? I know this is all very Freudian, but I have to agree that to have someone go through the contents of your purse does feel like a personal violation, whether you are hiding something or not (airport X-rays, case and point).

So whether Jeurgen photograph’s models spread eagle in bags, hands in purses intimately placed in between their legs, (hairy, furry, or smooth) there is one thing for certain, there is an implicit understanding that now a days a bag is a status accessory, as for the rest, Freudian or not, unless I give you permission keep your hands out of my purse. -tM

Photography: Juergen Teller

In Appreciation Of Contrasts

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

Tutu’s and punk rock, refined elegance versus true grit. Life is full of contrasts, and that is the way I have always liked it and understood it to be with people, places, and style. There just wouldn’t be any balance with one and not the other, even when it brings about acts of faith, in action and challenge, great energy can come from the tension of opposites.

Nothing exists without its opposite, polarity is what keeps life interesting, and often helps to bring about clarity.

I find contrasts inspiring, for there is no beauty without the grotesque. -tM

Partners in Crime

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I feel like after you reach a certain age, that friend, that partner in crime eventually moves on to become someone’s significant other, as perhaps do you.

There is something so admirable about the way we used to stick by one another in our youth. Rock stars in our own right, passionately looking for adventure and riding that wave with the truest of hearts. I miss that kind of reckless devotion, that spirit and reverence of youth. -tM

My Higher Power

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

I don’t know what I would do without music, or what quality of life I would have for that matter if the world fell silent.

It is so intrinsically part of my physical make-up, my genetic code; it moves me through my day and continues to carry me through life. It is my belief that is is the highest form of intangible art, building bridges where none existed, moving the masses toward unity, even if temporary. It is a revolutionary force; music can change the world, because it can change people.

Today I thought about what music means to me: and the only thing that I could come up with was that it is part of my life’s sustenance, connecting us all and reminding us of our belonging even in our loneliness. -tM

“I can chase you, and I can catch you, but there is nothing I can do to make you mine. “ - Morrissey (on music)

This is a Love Story

Photography: Herbert List | Trattoria; Capri, Italy

Photography: Herbert List | Trattoria; Capri, Italy

A smell, a touch, thoughts, moments, feelings, movements, words said, words barely spoken, they all have a distinct taste or fragrance. When we sit at a table, there is more going on then than just simply satisfying hunger. Permit yourself to linger, as there are many spells to be offered by a good meal, the heart, mind, and spirit rarely leave unsatisfied. -tM

The Unexpected

Photography: Erik Melvin

Photography: Erik Melvin

I like when confronted with the unexpected in design and in people.

It’s in those moments that I am reminded of the creative forces in life, of making a space your own, not what the latest Pottery Barn suggests you do. And in person, I appreciate the courage of those who choose not to conform to anyone else’s standards but their own. It's translates into a beautiful self-assurance, a confidence so engagingly unconventional, that in my opinion lights up the world.

But then again, I have always been drawn to the unconventional, in people and in place, it’s just who I am. -tM

Art, Design, and Philosophy

Some things to ponder alongside your other Monday fascinations:

"A well designed room should look like you could just walk in and be naked anywhere."

"Play with your sexual fantasies and reverse anything that could be destructive into something positive."

"Find your inner woman, or you're not really a man." -Tom Bianchi

Belonging to No One

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Photography: Colin Dodgson

Belonging to no one: there is a sense of freedom that comes along with the knowing and understanding of this truth. You belong to no one, and no one belongs to you,

Just think about it.

No one feels your joys, your pains, your sorrows. No one. They are unique to you.

We exist together through connection but are ultimately alone.

Your life is your life, and solely your responsibility. -tM

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Photography: Ruth Orkin

Back to front, handbag on foot, foot in hand, heel to heel, curve to curve, nudity to Sunday best, life to art, art to life, hand to thigh, hip to hand, a power pose made grandeur by a supportive gesture, looking away to looking directly at, walking off to stopping by, heel to toe, click to clack…and the beat goes on…-tM

“Composition is selective improvisation” Igor Stravinsky