Neoclassical Beauty

Photography: Jerome Galland | Villa Astor | Italy, Amalfi Coast

Photography: Jerome Galland | Villa Astor | Italy, Amalfi Coast

Bound to beauty in all of its infinite forms, this 17th Century statue standing in the garden of a villa; solitary, lost in the trees, cypresses, and pines makes me long for a secret affair. -tM

A Private Refuge

An Italian Baroque Palace turned elegant hotel in which the architects and design team honoured the existing structure of the space. I am enchanted by its beauty and elegance. Sensual and simple marries tradition and discretion. -tM

Palazzo Bozzi Corso | Lecce, Italie |

Photography: AD France Magazine

When Colour Creates Light

Photography: Andrew Moore | Cuba

Photography: Andrew Moore | Cuba

This is a the way to use accents of colour to anchor a room. I love the way this space is peppered with red, from floor to feature walls. There is such purpose in this design. Money has nothing to do with taste, style or design. Cuba and its people have a beautiful way of expressing just that. -tM

Photo found at: Samo Tako, Tako, Tako… Link to source below.

The Scent of an Orange

Photography: Roe Etheridge

Photography: Roe Etheridge

Oranges, clementines, mandarins, each one alerts me to the pleasures and brightness of life.

Today I sat on the subway, eyes closed, in meditation, listening to the train move its way closer to home, when I was awoken by the perfume of an orange. The woman peeling the fruit was at the other end of the subway cart. Its saccharine scent permeated through the air removing thoughts of anything else.

And that’s the beauty of oranges, you are nowhere but here in the presence of there fragrance. -tM

Airport Lounge Design

Air travel reminds us of who we are. Lounges, terminals, these transitory spaces, are places where souls are examined, and where good design appeals to both our logic and emotion.

They are places of waiting, waiting for love, waiting to depart, for the next phase of life to begin, the weight of the waiting can be perceived as big, sometimes even to much to bare.

They are like therapists offices for those of us willing to engage in the introspective part of our travels. Life is always about landing and taking off, isn't it? -tM 

Photography: Unknown


Musée Bourdelle

I love museums that aren't contrived, the Musée Bourdelle in Paris is just that. The artists home and studio turned gallery and creative treasury is open to the public most days of the week except for Monday. 

A repository of beauty and truth, a place where time has been transformed into space. -tM

Time Away

I am thinking about taking time away from the city this summer.

The more I think about what it may look like, the more I realize that I want it to be beautiful, honest, and straightforward.

I want the simplicity of bread, and the stillness that follows the triumph. 

I simply want to make contact with the reality of life in its unadorned state. -tM

Photography: Unknown


Black versus White

Photography: David Psaila

Photography: David Psaila

When I was in Costa Rica I experienced the loofah exfoliation of the black sand beach. 

The waters were deep, the ocean wild, I felt like I was in a well groomed jungle. Hanging in the trees directly behind me were monkeys, beside, sea turtles coasting, all while the Iguana's were lethargically making there rounds in and out of the shade.

I felt free, and was happily letting the wind play with my hair, and move my sarong any which way it pleased. You see, there are pro's to beaching on black sand. No matter the speed of the wind, the sand stays in place. The grains are quite large, there is no sand in the eyes, little granules in your bikini, or in your hair; it is the ultimate sexy beach experience.  

There is something raw and uninhibited about the black sand beach, perhaps it is energy and violence through which it came into existence, explosive, hot, volcanic rock and lava permeating and consuming the land below.

There was nothing commercial about this experience, the sand made that clear. At the end of the day I don't know which I prefer. They are both suited to there environment and landscape. Ultimately I find beauty and inspiration in both. Any time on a beach is time well spent. Don't you agree? Which do you prefer? -tM

Joan Didion's Infamous Packing List

What to pack or what not to pack,

that is always the question. There are often mental calculations involved around what you will be doing, and where you will be going. The shoes in my opinion are always the trickiest part sometimes due to whether conditions, and other times due to the geography and road conditions of the trip, so I always pack a heel and a more semi-casual flat just in case for an evening out. I like to cover all of my bases.

I like the idea of the list, keeping one in your closet so that you don't have to think about what to pack in a pinch, because no matter how often you travel it always proves to be a mental challenge.

I also like the idea of being prepared and organized enough to be travelling with your own suitcase hooch. Although times have changed and finding a drink somewhere somehow is no longer a challenge, one never knows at what hour one will need a good stiff beverage.

That being said, may your summer journey to your destination prove to be as predictable as this list and may the rest of your vacation be agenda free. -tM

It's a Tree House Kinda Life


in the trees? Why not? More and more resorts have taken to heights reminiscent of our youth. Trees are always a relief, a way to escape people.

This kitchen is as peaceful as the forest it lives in. There exists a unique poetic space, nestled amongst the trees, that cannot be found anywhere else.

I always appreciate design working in harmony with nature. -tM

Photography: Brechenmacher&Baumann | Tulum Resort

Magical Solitude

The magical

place of solitude. The beauty of it all is that solitude does not care about your surroundings or destination, it just wants you to go inward and to connect to the truth of your soul. May you save a seat for some solitude this weekend and connect to the truth of your soul. -tM

Photography: Rachel Juarez-Carr | Morocco

Tapping Palm


tapped sap from coconut spathe is used as a refreshing drink, and fermented sap is consumed as an alcoholic beverage. It is not an easy feat, on average one would tap 50 trees, twice a day proving to be much more labour intensive then tapping maple trees for syrup. There is so much beauty and bounty in passing down tradition and artisanal crafts that respect the delicate ecology of our surroundings. -tM

Photography: Kyle Weeks | Himbia People, Namibia

Patio Season


a sexy hybrid between a garden and deck, the are King in my book. Dating back to 15th & 16th centuries they first appeared in the Andalusian region,  Persia and several Arab countries.

"Patio" is the Spanish word for "back garden." A 1950's novelty in North America, they didn't see there heyday until the 1970's housing boom, where almost every home came equipped with one of these soiree terraces.

I love the colour and geometric design of this particular one. I am thinking a martini, palazzo pants, and a headscarf would be the perfect accoutrement.

Oh Patio season how I adore you. -tM

Vintage Patio, 1956. Photography: Unknown