Beauty Refresh

I was drawn to these photo’s because they reveal a face not so hidden by layers of make-up and Photoshop magic. I appreciate the lines and graceful bags under her eyes, the shadows of light and dark.

I think North America is in dire need of a beauty refresh. I don’t know how we got here, but we did, and it is a sad as well as ugly reality. Somehow in this process of liberating ourselves as women we have also allowed ourselves to be confined and even chained to this youthful, perfect face.

There is nothing wrong with looking like you have lived. I find the living face an incredibly beautiful and graceful face.

Perfectionism is a myth, an excuse for being insecure. It’s time to go inward for many reasons, great things always begin from the inside. -tM

Photography: Porter Magazine

Finishing Touches

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

What are your finishing touches before leaving the house for either a day of work or an evening out?

I have four: 1. Hair needs to be coiffed; 2. Some Lipstick or lip balm, depending on whether I have made up my eyes; 3. Earrings/Necklace never both at the same time, unless I am wearing small studs; 4. Rings, always my rings which I tend to have on rotation depending on the outfit.

These are my feeling ready necessities. However, it is interesting that most revolve around my face. I guess you could say that “giving good face” is important to me. Now tell me some of your essential beauty requisites. -tM

New Discoveries: Blush Brush


A new discovery.

A blush brush that is made to contour to your cheekbones. For those of you, like myself, who are always playing around with the perfect placement of blush, (esp. as the face changes with age) here is a fail proof way to powder your way to a sculpted face, giving the face the little optical illusion lift that it needs. And really, who doesn’t want those cheekbones to stand out a little more.

You could also use this to contour the face, nose, jaw line etc. With this magical wand you can make all of your cheekbone dreams come true. -tM

The Eye of the Mind

Photography: Unknown | St. Tropez, France

Photography: Unknown | St. Tropez, France

I have two great seductresses in my life, Beauty and Nostalgia.

Nostalgia's capacity for seduction rests in the power of our memory versus experience, a looking back with longing, a desire to linger in a moment or person that is now nothing more then an apparition. 

While Nostalgia may be a temptress, Beauty can be said to be our raison d'etre. Without its grace, its harmony of purpose and form, life as we know it would cease to exist,  no reason for living, nothing to inspire and fuel the soul. Beauty is grace, and grace is life. 

Beauty if sought after can be found everywhere, there is no escaping its allure, as it holds within its core the ecstasy of life.

I should know, because for good or bad there have been times where Beauty has kept me there. -tM



What would the world do without beauty?

A driving force that is essential to life, it too has technicalities and rules that need to be followed in certain industries and occupations. It definitely pleases the aesthetic senses as it truly resides in the eye of the beholder.

No matter how you "see" it or "experience" it, beauty is everywhere, and its only requirement is being present.

How do you experience beauty? Is it a motivating force in your life as it is in mine? -tM

Beauty Rituals

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The Royal Tenebaums | Cinema

The rituals of priming and primping as experienced by both men and women are intimate moments spent with the self.

These days most people solicit the services of a professional to get their beard trimmed, their nails done, or make up applied for special occasions; it seems that presently even our quiet personal beauty moments have become victim to the outsourcing phenomenon.

There is something so charming about the cinematic moment captured above. It serves as a reminder that these moments of "vanity" are actually moments of self care, self love, as these private moments of grooming can be very meditative in practice.

It is most certainly true that it can be difficult to carve out time for the self especially in today's fast paced environment, although the ritual of grooming is a nice way to get back in tune with ourselves and our bodies. So the next time you think of outsourcing your quiet beauty moments, remember the satisfaction of creating a space for some uninterrupted me time. -tM

What is in a Face?

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani | Nu assis, 1918

I read an article from a sociological stand point the other day entitled "How to Love Ugly People." Yup, you read it right. I instantly laughed and then the title peaked my interest. I was curious as to what advice or perspective this article had to give.

It focused mainly on the inequality of "beautiful" people vs. "ugly" people, by facial comparisons. It also looked to art to aid in the shifting of our biases from what we find to be facial perfection in our culture currently.

Apparently, just like with art, the more we really study a painting and learn about its origins, the more we find ourselves engaged in its beauty. It suggests doing the same for individuals who have interesting facial features, hence not making them your typical handsome man or beautiful woman. The premise is that the more we study these faces, the more we will learn to discern and appreciate their attractive qualities.

Forget about being struck by someone's beauty, challenge yourself to finding someone's beauty, remain open to a face that may initially appear uninteresting. Perhaps their eyes are wise beyond their years, move past their nose, to their lips, which may plump as an apricot, ready to be bitten into.

The article ends by saying that perhaps by making an effort to see the facial beauty in everyone that we could help to generate a world more apt to apply generosity and "ingenuity" to the way we read the human face.

All in all the article made good sense in finding beauty in the average day and person in general, but I suspect that most of us do this subconsciously already? I know that the more time I spend around certain people the more beautiful they become to me. I always look for the most beautiful feature on a persons face and watch it be alive. But then again, I am always in search of beauty, and it's like the article says, the more you look and study, the more you will be graced by its presence.

So let's all raise a conscious glass to finding beauty in the mundane and to "Loving Ugly People." -tM