The Point of Power

Photography: Unknown

Photography: Unknown

The point of power really is in the present, isn’t it?

Once you have learned and hopefully grown from your past experiences and mistakes, there is no reason to venture back. I think that is also key to moving in the present, letting go of what once was. The future is something that is completely shaped by your present, its actions, intentions, and constant personal growth and evolve.

So accept what is. And be all in, whatever moment that may be. It takes practice and devotion. So today begin making it a point to be conscious of your own personal power. -tM

Being Present

Photography: Gary Beydler | Tom Waits, Studio Shots | A Stolen Moment

What could be said about the moment or being present that hasn't already been said? 

I mean really, we all know that the present is all we really have yet we insist on moving through our days focusing on the goal, the end of the day, the unpredictable future that we try ever so desperately to predict and control, and then there are others who are too caught up in the past to even realize their current existence.

So let this me a reminder to us all (sometimes repetition is necessary) the present moment is a place of freedom. There is no anxiety about what will be in the moment. The moment is about the little things, yet in reality they are in fact quite big, because those "little" things are what make up our lives. They become our memories. Moments are incredibly short, and if it wasn't for our memory, life would seem incredibly fleeting and well maybe even pointless.

A moment taken, or stolen in the midst of a busy day is also important even if you have been present throughout. Those moments connect us to ourselves, to our breath, our soul.

Life really is a collage of moments of experience and observation. The key is to try and not get stuck in a moment, so much so that is no longer a present experience.

And lastly, live them. Don't just snap-chat them, photograph/instagram them. Feel them, know what it means to be alive, even if the moment is shitty and full of despair, let it move through you. Being present doesn't just apply to the happy minutes in life.

I hope that we all continue to strive and be acutely aware of the importance of the moment, as it is were life resides.

Live in the moment wisely and earnestly, for to be in the present is the miracle; you are only alive in this moment. -tM