Time Machines

There is something hauntingly eerie about these photographs set against the gritty backdrop of 1970's New York.

An urban desert of quiet exists within each of these images. The muted colours reveal an honesty and clarity of existence through landscape and design that only the night and the discerning lens could aspire to disclose. -tM

Photography: Landon Clay, NYC, 1974-76


Le Mont Saint Michel France, 1965 | Photographer: Unknown

There is beauty even in repetition, although sometimes in life it can get boring and monotonous, yet strangely enough we look to our routines for comfort and then curse them for there existence.

In nature, and in design, repetition has a fresh face. It is sublime. It is to be celebrated and admired. It is interesting how patterns and routines in our daily lives become irritating yet in our space and the environments they are an integral part of what brings us joy. Perhaps it is a subconscious or primal desire that goes back to our ancestors.

 I find it fascinating in observation that despite our often times frustration with the above that we continue to decorate and live our lives with recurring design until it becomes fashionable.

Maybe that is the secret to enjoying repetition and routine in our daily lives, we need to make them more fashionable.